Family Restored.

This story was shared anonymously from a recovery center, but I was touched by the honesty and truth of the struggle with drinking too much. From thinking that the only way to overcome it was suicide, but being too hammered to pull it off, to being restored to the family life that was lost. That’s Grace.

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I had ambulances and seizures. Apparently those seizures were what we would get when we drink a lot of alcohol and suddenly stop. Once, I was sitting at the bus stop, and all of a sudden my hands and body seized up. I couldn’t move and I literally tipped over like a wooden doll on […]

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6 thoughts on “Family Restored.

  1. This is a wonderful post very moving and inspiring and I really relate to your experience of how supportive women in recovery can be. It is great that you are sharing your story of how you have overcome alcoholism. I believe I also had some kind of seizure while I was drinking as my friends thought they needed to call an ambulance but as I was in blackout I can’t remember. So many people told me I had a drink problem but I was in such denial I thought that unless you had been filmed on reality TV attacking the police in a heavy drinking town in the North of England you could not be an alcoholic. I said to my family in Jamaica that everyone in England (where I’m from) collapsed drunk on the floor of toilets in nightclubs and then practically caused a car crash by kicking the head and steering wheel of the person who’d rescued them. I actually believed this was true. It was only in rehab when I told my peer group about my cocaine and alcohol fuelled exploits that I realised I had a problem. The psychiatrist said I had too many problems to be treated in the private sector and needed to move to a state rehab. I decided my decisions had ended with me totally f****d in rehab so I’d better listen. I was in state rehabs for a very tough year but a year that changed my life and cemented my sobriety. I was 11 years clean at the beginning of this year and have never relapsed since I came in and a lot of that is to do with listening to other people.


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