Our Story


The Concept

Hope Shack began when the need for a place for people to meet and work through personal issues was recognized within online social communities.  The same dynamics of a real world community exist in online communities, and as the lines between our online and offline identities becomes more blurred, our personal lives begin to show through in our online interactions.  We are real people, with real situations, real hurts and real problems.   Members of our online communities are looking for hope in the same way that members of our offline community are, and they both needed a place to easily find it. Learn More about the Hope Shack vision HERE.

The Team

We’re not professional counselors.  We are just a few folks that care about people.  The only promise we can make is that we’ll listen without judging, we’ll accept what you bring us, and offer whatever encouragement and perspective that we can. Hope Shack is an extension of the Family Crisis Care program at Chapel Hill Church in Eagan, Minnesota, USA.

We believe your story matters.  We believe you matter.   You are not alone.


Christina Blount

Christina leads the Hope Shack project. Her work includes organizing support workshops, individual mentoring, and providing resources for those working through divorce, grief, addiction recovery, single parenting, and other sudden life changes.

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Paul McVety

Paul serves as the main advisor for the Hope Shack project. He provides written resources, audio sermons, and responds directly to individuals and couples working through marriage restoration, spiritual growth, and other life challenges. Paul is the Lead Pastor at Chapel Hill Church in Eagan, MN.

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Laurie Cooper

Laurie is a chief contributor to Hope Shack, providing written resources, individual, and family mentoring. Her solid biblical understanding and experience working with families in hardship give her a unique perspective into each situation.

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Learn More about the Hope Shack vision HERE.


Learn More about the Hope Shack vision HERE.