The Battle Within

A Native American elder told his grandson about two wolves who live in every heart. One is Evil — anger, jealousy, pride, and selfishness. The other is Good — joy, love, peace, and humility. The grandson asked his grandfather, “Which wolf wins?” His grandfather replied, “The one you feed.” While not exactly a biblical illustration, … More The Battle Within


Our forgiving others is absolutely crucial to our physical and spiritual health. We cannot have a healthy relationship with God if we are holding a grudge against another person. It doesn’t matter if we are right and feel that we are justified to be mad at someone. Jesus stated the second most important commandment after … More Forgiveness

Having Hope

Hope is an expectation. To have hope is to look forward to some change that somehow improves our lives. And that expectant desire for improvement is universal. We all hope for something, and without hope, things can get dire. The Book of Proverbs tells us that “hope deferred makes the heart sick” (Proverbs 13:12). It’s … More Having Hope

A Witness…God Caring for His Church

So often my work is done quietly, behind the scenes, and that’s where I’ve found to have the best view, a front row seat, to watching the Lord at work. I’d like to brag on the Lord a little bit this morning, and share with you how I saw him caring for his church yesterday. I know many pastors, writers, artists, and speakers have been riding the waves of discouragement and adjustments this past year. Let this bring you hope and encourage you to hang in there. In spite of all of the turmoil of this season, God is still busy in our midst. This was refreshing to see… … More A Witness…God Caring for His Church

Honesty and Community: A Conversation with David Taylor and Jason Gray

it was a privilege to capture this timely conversation with author and scholar, W. David O. Taylor and singer-songwriter Jason Gray, as they meet for the first time to explore the topics of Honesty and Community in their recent works. Together, David and Jason blaze a trail for us to find peace during this time of emotional and cultural turmoil. They are trusted guides as we navigate this season, and show us how it can ultimately lead us into deeper unity, trust, intimacy and delight with our Lord, Jesus Christ. … More Honesty and Community: A Conversation with David Taylor and Jason Gray

This is Grace.

This is Grace Manor, an old home in north Minneapolis. I wonder what these old walls would say, if they could talk…how they would witness to God’s Grace. For the last 15 years or so, Grace Manor has been a temporary home to women recovering from addiction through Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge’s long-term treatment … More This is Grace.