Message in a bottle…

Mar wrote “A Message in a Bottle.”…to herself, but could have written this for anyone breaking out of an abusive situation. This is a rescue mission in progress. What do I mean? I mean that Jesus meets us where we are, in the darkest places, and rescues us from the pits we find ourselves in. He walks us out, one-by-one, and He’s walking with Mar now. This is a brilliant idea., for anyone. Traveling through a crisis can be so two steps forward, one step back. Those back days are really hard. Mar is planning ahead for the next back day. She’s just past 60 days of recovery, and is sharing her thoughts with us here. I’m sure she won’t mind if you take a peek….

this girl's journey to serenity

A letter of encouragement to myself.


First please know that last year wasn’t our fault. We had 46 years that took us to this moment in time. Please know that we are stronger than you would ever admit to anyone least of all yourself. Our intentions during that time were from a positive caring place. And know that I am so proud of us.

Second, I am so sorry he hurt us. In all the ways he did. It wasn’t our fault, it’s his. Let go of that burden. He owns that shit. If it were not for his actions none of this would have happened the way it went down.

Keep writing, it’s helping to get all these feelings and experiences up and out. Let it be heard from the roof top what happened and how hard we are working to heal all those parts of our heart…

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