A Future of Hope

“He didn’t understand my loneliness or fears. And I became angry because he didn’t understand” … More A Future of Hope


Melanie’s Story

The thing about sharing our stories is that it’s not about us, it’s not about being known ourselves. It’s about normalizing pain and struggles; it’s about being willing to turn on the light so that someone else can see that they are not alone. … More Melanie’s Story

Tess’s Story

There have been hard times, sad times, confusing times, but there is also joyful times, peaceful times, victorious times. Times spent in His glory where I cannot help but weep because of His faithfulness to me. I see the blessings: He took me out of poverty, provided a home for me, a husband who loves me… … More Tess’s Story

More from Mar’s Story

It’s a treat to share Mar’s recovery journey out of a co-dependant, alcoholic, abusive relationship into freedom.   There’s hope for all of us, where ever we find ourselves today. Read on… Stories.  Hope.  Strength.  www.hopshack.org 30 days ago I started this blog and have written everyday since. I am blown away from the support … More More from Mar’s Story

Chris’s Story

  I remember the day life started to suck.  I was numb with disbelief, but deep inside I knew it was true. I was serving on active duty then, and had been attending an intense military training school.  I found myself with some time off, and couldn’t wait to call my husband back home.  I … More Chris’s Story