Becky’s Story


I didn’t ask Becky to share this story, but I’m really glad she did.  It isn’t because of the mention of my online community work, but because she brought up something important:  Healthy alternatives to coping with the adversity in our lives.  In Becky’s case, it’s a brutal illness and she found knitting to be her outlet (I’ll write more about what I’ve seen there).  Others choose gardening,  hiking, or woodworking.  There are a lot of non-destructive choices, and this is just one story.   More on that later.  For now,  meet my friend, Becky…

Original Post:  Bad Guts, but Knitting makes it Better


Many of you know that I have Crohn’s disease. What is it?  Watch this. It is a great video about the disease. There now that you understand a bit about my disease I will let you know just a little bit of how I am on a daily basis.

I wake up and don’t feel well. If I decided to get out of bed on my first feeling when I wake up I never would get out of bed. That doesn’t work well if you want to have a life…  READ MORE




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