Train them in the way they should go

Here at Fen View we have recently had a couple of puppies join our little farm.  They are sweet and fun, but they have no idea of boundaries or what their role is on the farm.  Teaching them to do the right thing, like barking to go out when they need to go to the bathroom or staying off the furniture takes time, patience and consistency.


Not unlike ourselves, puppies and even some of our plants, need training.  Each day we have to use the same words and actions to teach the puppies what is acceptable and what is not. In much the same way some of our plants need to be staked, pruned or taught to climb a fence or trellis.  Each day we must check to see that the plants are still growing in the right direction so that they can be properly supported.

People, too, need to be trained and supported.  Often it is our parents that teach us the way we should go, but at other times it may be a teacher, coach, minister or good friend that helps teach us the way that is best.  Once we have been taught what to do, we may need reminding until the new action becomes a habit.  Just as the puppies need to learn boundaries and routines our lives become much easier if we create boundaries and routines that eventually become habits.

These habits form our daily actions and eventually these actions become who we are and form our life.  Mother Theresa prayed everyday and served the poorest of the poor as they were sick and dying.  What many people don’t know is that for many years Mother Theresa did not feel the presence of God when she prayed, she just Hope Shack (6)did it because she believed that God was there listening.  This gave her strength to continue in her ministry and formed her actions and life of amazing service.

Often we feel alone and lost on our journey through life, it is at these times that our habits and boundaries help guide us in the way we should go, they give us something to lean on for support in time of trouble.  If we continue to pay attention to the positive things we have been taught and put them into practice everyday they eventually become the habits that form our routine and our life.

Just like the puppies we need to create our boundaries and form positive habits that eventually become our life.


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