This is Grace.

This is Grace Manor, an old home in north Minneapolis. I wonder what these old walls would say, if they could talk…how they would witness to God’s Grace. For the last 15 years or so, Grace Manor has been a temporary home to women recovering from addiction through Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge’s long-term treatment program. There’s about 30 women living in the house right now. I get to mentor one of them, walk part of her journey with her. It’s like getting a front row seat to watching the Lord rescue, heal, and restore.

This one is a mom, a wife and a professional. She quietly became addicted to prescription drugs through her work, which lead to other things, harder things. Thankfully, grace found its way into her story before her family was completely destroyed. Healing has begun at home, recovery is happening in her stay here, and transformation is at work in her heart. I’ve been mentoring women at Grace Manor for seven years. I’m grateful for what I have witnessed in that time, but this story isn’t about me. I’ve just become more and more convinced of the Lord’s continued commitment to rescuing his beloved ones. He is busy at Grace Manor, and I wanted you to see it, too.

A couple nights ago, I was able to deliver this box of gifts. They are small gifts, simple things, left for the 10 ladies that don’t have a home to go to this weekend. 10 ladies whose family ties are still too broken for spending the holidays together. These gifts were meant to simply let them know that they are remembered this Christmas, that their lives matter and stories matter, and most of all, to remind them of Emmanuel… God is with us.

Please pray for these gals. It is a beautiful and delightful thing to watch them come back to life. Covid hit Grace Manor hard this Fall, with 26 clients and staff all sick at once. The sense of Loneliness and Abandonment at the holidays is high. Pray that in little ways like this, throughout the week ahead, they are reminded of God’s love for them.  ~ Christina


You are not alone.  Others have made it through hard times, and so will you.   If you’ve found a way to accept and even enjoy yourself, will you tell us about it?  It’s in our struggles that we really come to know God and know ourselves. 

Your story can bring hope to someone today.

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