Krissy’s Story

“I asked God with tears swelling in my eyes, why am I here? Why did you leave me? God answered back. Y’all. If anyone has ever heard his voice, it’s so sweet and calming. He told me, I never left you. You left me. ” … More Krissy’s Story


LaShondra’s Story

“I found myself in the counselor’s office and within a matter of hours, suspended for 9 days for “possession of weapon (razor blades),” escorted by a police officer to the hospital for a psych evaluation” … More LaShondra’s Story

Melanie’s Story

The thing about sharing our stories is that it’s not about us, it’s not about being known ourselves. It’s about normalizing pain and struggles; it’s about being willing to turn on the light so that someone else can see that they are not alone. … More Melanie’s Story

Tess’s Story

There have been hard times, sad times, confusing times, but there is also joyful times, peaceful times, victorious times. Times spent in His glory where I cannot help but weep because of His faithfulness to me. I see the blessings: He took me out of poverty, provided a home for me, a husband who loves me… … More Tess’s Story

Leya’s Story

Simple and sweet, Leya tells the tale of her dissatisfaction with life, loss of hope and depression.    Then she shares how she found hope.  Here is her story, shared on her behalf. An account of my journey to redemption. Source: The Storm before The Rainbow Dating back to my pre-teen years,I was dissatisfied with … More Leya’s Story