K’Anne’s Story

Cancer sucks. There’s no easy way through it. So many dear ones, so many friends are fighting these battles. This is K’Anne’s story of her battle with lymphoma, and she writes even more about her survival in a more recent post “I AM A SURVIVOR“. May you be as encouraged as I was by her tale.

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K'Anne Meinel


I’m not talking about the miracle of a new day or the miracle of new born baby. I’m talking about KNOWING or actually EXPERIENCING one first hand.

A woman goes to the doctor on a Wednesday in April of 2001 experiencing breathing problems. She knows deep down that something is wrong. The nurse practitioner examines her. It is believed that the woman may have lymphoma as her glands in her neck are so swollen that it is cutting off her windpipe. She goes in on Thursday for X-ray’s. Friday she is scheduled for a biopsy. While cutting into her neck for the biopsy the surgeon decides to remove all the lymph nodes on the right side of her neck. This woman even drives herself home from this surgery (without the hospital or doctor’s knowledge of course). Four days later she has an oncologist…

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