Finding the Way Out

“One of my dearest friends invited me to a party at her parents’ home on the lake and I went with my husband and a few other friends; it was so good to be back among the land of the living. Children were laughing and playing, we swam in the lake and drank cold beer and had wonderful picnic food! I can’t say when I fully came back to myself, but I know that day I yelled at God, surrendered to His will and returned to my closest friends and family I was on the right track.” 

– excerpt from Laurie’s Story.

Sometimes our troubles are too many to count. We may be out of work with bills piling up.  We may be ill with treatments not working.  What impossible situations are you facing today?     During a divorce, I moved into a rental house with my daughter.  I had to close my business, and didn’t have another job.  Bills piled up.   I had mountains of legal paperwork to do, and my attorney quit.  I had to set up insurance, find a job, enroll in programs and had chaos all around.   Emotions were all over the place, and grief was trying to take over.  I couldn’t see past the mess, but trusted God to show me the way through it all.  Day by day, He lifted my eyes up to see the horizon, and kept me on His path.   I trusted Him even when it didn’t make sense.   Remember, His ways are not our ways, and we don’t always understand.  Regardless of what kind of mess we find ourselves in, if we call on His name, He is faithful and will show us the way out.

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Apr 22 Ps 34-17  FINAL

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