Running on Empty?


“I’m bored,” my friend told me.  “I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to be living for.  I do a lot of things right, and it seems like I’ve got it going on, but yeah, there’s just nothing that really sets me on fire.” 

“I’m just looking for ways to make the hurting stop, to forget what happened.  I’ve tried partying with friends, new relationships, even got high a couple of times.  Nothing really seems to take it away.”

“I just need a fresh start.  A do-over.  A clean slate.   This next time I’ll do things right.”

“I couldn’t even find the energy to get up and get dressed.”

Sometimes we find ourselves in a dry, empty, blah places.   As I rode the waves of grief following my spouse’s betrayal and rejection, there were deep hurts, open wounds, and plenty of questions about my self-worth and purpose.  What’s next?   The rug had been pulled out from under me, and I wasn’t sure where to find my footing or my energy, and certainly didn’t know how to dull the pain or fear.  I found one passage in the Bible that  helped me a lot.   Jesus told the Woman at the Well  that the void she was trying to fill wasn’t going to be done with multiple husbands.  They weren’t going to make her feel valued the way she wanted, to make her feel complete.  He promised her His “Living Water” that would refresh her and fill all the empty places.  I figured it was worth a try.  Rather than run to one of the many substitutes that came to mind that would surely make me feel “alive” again,  I asked Jesus to keep me be filled with that living water.  “Do you give free refills, Lord?”   Man, I hung on to that story.   Day in and day out, I asked for those refills.  He washed away those hurts, the pain, and one-by-one has taken the desire for those other things and replaced it with a desire for more of what He has planned.  It’s exciting.

I don’t know if you’re recovering from a loss or just plain bored, but I do know that He hasn’t run out of water yet.   Give Him a chance.

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April 23 John 4-14 FINAL

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