Taming Negative Thoughts

“When we are healing from a loss or going through a life crisis, all kinds of emotions come in to play.   Remember that those emotions are just that…feelings.  They can’t lead us anywhere or do us any harm. ” … More Taming Negative Thoughts


Everlasting Joy

“I began hanging out with the wrong crowd, making the wrong decisions, & living a life that I honestly had no clue where it was going. I stopped reading my bible, I stopped going to church, I even stopped praying. But let me tell you one thing, God never stopped showing me that he was still there holding my hand.” … More Everlasting Joy

The Road Ahead

“It’s hard to believe in someone you can’t see. It’s hard to believe in a place you can’t see. But I think it’s even harder to believe in what we can see; to believe that this is all there is.” … More The Road Ahead