Broken Tales

Why share our stories?   Our imperfections are someone else’s hope.  This is an inspiring read.  I hope it encourages you to share what you’ve been through, or what you are going through, so that others might realize they aren’t alone in their struggles and find hope through your experiences.   ashes

Do you have a story of a time you needed rescued?  A time when you couldn’t pull it off on your own?  A time when you couldn’t dig your way out?   Your broken tale may be the only thing someone has to grab hold of.

No pun intended, I swear…  🙂

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I recently heard Lysa TerKeurst say “Not everyone can relate to victory and success. But people connect with hardship and struggle. They can relate to vulnerability. ” I think we want to connect with people in success, as that is where we want to go. We are disillusioned that those we admire found success without any struggle. They share the […]

via Beauty in the imperfections — Restoring Voice

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