A Long Shot

“They were facing us.  Huck didn’t have a shot. His arm was beginning to shake from the strain of holding his bow at full draw…” … More A Long Shot


Green Wooden Boats

“As far back as I can remember, I have always been building or making something. All of those things I have created over the years have one thing in common. They have no lasting value.” … More Green Wooden Boats

The Storm

“We were several miles out when conditions suddenly changed. The wind picked up from out of the north and started whipping up the water surface.” … More The Storm

Terror in the Night

I have had some scary moments in the outdoors. Some close encounters with bears, but one of my most terrifying moments in the outdoors came from the cowardly coyote. I say cowardly because normally they are very afraid of humans. I have hunted around coyotes for nearly forty years. I’ve watched them from the deer … More Terror in the Night