Finding the Way Out

“One of my dearest friends invited me to a party at her parents’ home on the lake and I went with my husband and a few other friends; it was so good to be back among the land of the living. Children were laughing and playing, we swam in the lake and drank cold beer … More Finding the Way Out

Feeling Defeated?

“I just felt hopeless, with so much remorse, I really thought the right thing to do, the right answer, would be to die.” – excerpt from Family Restored, one woman’s story. What if we decide to trust God and start to follow Jesus, but fail?  What if we fall on the face of our good … More Feeling Defeated?

Taryn’s Story

This is Taryn’s story of her recovery from an eating disorder. So many of us turn to things that can comfort us, or add more control when chaos abounds. Taryn shares her Hope:

“More than anything else. I tried for so long to hold onto other things that I thought would be better and they just aren’t. Everything is garbage compared to gaining Christ.”

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