Finding the Way Out

“One of my dearest friends invited me to a party at her parents’ home on the lake and I went with my husband and a few other friends; it was so good to be back among the land of the living. Children were laughing and playing, we swam in the lake and drank cold beer … More Finding the Way Out

Discovering Life

“I remember looking around that night at a particularly rough scene and whispering, “This isn’t who I am.”   – excerpt from Chris’s Story. Do you yearn for more?  For something better?   Do you long to be better?   New Year’s resolutions were born of thoughts like this.   My quest for something better started the night … More Discovering Life

Vicky’s Story

“Maybe the real miracle of healing is the one that takes place in our hearts and enables us to cope with our situation.” Vicky shares the journey of losing her teenage daughter to a rare disease. Along the way she shares where she found Hope. Best yet, she’s developed a way to reach out to … More Vicky’s Story