Discovering Life

“I remember looking around that night at a particularly rough scene and whispering, “This isn’t who I am.”   – excerpt from Chris’s Story.

Do you yearn for more?  For something better?   Do you long to be better?   New Year’s resolutions were born of thoughts like this.   My quest for something better started the night  mentioned above.  I had hit the bottom of the pit of despair and wanted the freedom and peace I had heard were possible.  Little by little, day by day, step by step I moved towards a better place.   That journey of discovery has spanned 17 years.   Jesus met me there that night so long ago, and been patiently guiding me into His plan for me every since.   When you look up, just for a moment, and desire a change in your heart, He will meet you there.  He will fill you with a joy and completeness that is nearly possible to describe.   He will walk you into His plan for you.

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Apr 21 Matt 5-6  FINAL

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