He’s Still on the Throne

“I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me. To see what God has planned for me. God does not waste our pain.” … More He’s Still on the Throne


Kara’s Story

We are all survivors of something and sharing our traumas is akin to grace…we move on because we have to, but we are ever mindful of each other’s pain. … More Kara’s Story

Erin’s Story

My story is a tough one. A story of complete devastation starting from a very young age. A story whose details make most squirm in their seat in discomfort. But that’s not how I tell the story. I tell it how God has blessed me to see it, through His eyes. I was born to … More Erin’s Story

Mar’s Story

Originally posted on this girl's journey to serenity:
If I told you my story….you wouldn’t believe parts of it. You wouldn’t believe it because there are parts of it that I still can’t believe. Situations I put myself in. And kept myself in.? There are a handful of days that were turning points. Days…