Mar’s Story

This a beautiful story of how two women found Hope through a devastating abusive experience. I love the way their lives and healing have been knit together.

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this girl's journey to serenity

If I told you my story….you wouldn’t believe parts of it. You wouldn’t believe it because there are parts of it that I still can’t believe. Situations I put myself in. And kept myself in.

There are a handful of days that were turning points. Days that are forever burned into my soul. Unforgettable. Days that changed me.

Codependent is as codependent does.

I am full of joy for not to be in that time and space anymore. And how odd it is to say, I am grateful for this time because during my darkest day, God sent people to walk along side me. GOD MET ME WHERE I WAS AND WALKED ME OUT.

Of all people I have met on this journey there is one person who stands out. One who understands where I have been and how I got there like no other. She walked in my shoes…

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3 thoughts on “Mar’s Story

  1. Mar-I know about unbelievable stories, and I see the hope in your words. Keep fighting to be who God made you to be. Keep being transparent. Keep reaching out – to God and to other believers.

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