Open Door

There’s a great story in the Bible about two persistent street preachers that were trying to minister to people in Rome.  They were thrown in jail.  Seems like that door was closed.   Turns out, the jailer was touched by their teaching, and along with his family, became the center of the early church in Greece.   … More Open Door

Help has Arrived

“Helplessness slowly transformed into a hopelessness that eventually infiltrated into not only my waking but also my sleeping hours. The worst part of this wasted existence was knowing I needed to transform myself and my life; sensing I could do nothing to begin the needed change process; and then developing a growing perspective that I … More Help has Arrived

Surrender the Fight

  “I spent years, no decades telling myself, “Yeah, that’s right. I kicked meth – without treatment or prison or Narcotics Anonymous. I did it on my own.” But one day, about 13 years ago, I realized the truth: I didn’t do it. God had covered my butt every step of the way. He kept … More Surrender the Fight

Running on Empty?

  “I’m bored,” my friend told me.  “I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to be living for.  I do a lot of things right, and it seems like I’ve got it going on, but yeah, there’s just nothing that really sets me on fire.”  “I’m just looking for ways to make the hurting stop, … More Running on Empty?

Finding Freedom

“Everything that the world tells us should have given me life was stripped away. Even my personal freedom, what the American dream is built off of, was gone. It was just me and God. It was almost like the ultimate test to see if following the Lord is worth it. IT IS. If I could … More Finding Freedom

Jami’s Story

Originally posted on Sober Grace:
There is a paradox in Alcoholics Anonymous that tells us that we must “surrender to win.” When I first entered AA, I thought that it seemed kind of crazy that I would have to surrender, or give up, in order to get better. Wasn’t that was I was already doing?…