Battlefield without Boundaries.

sad soldier

“Thank-you for your service.”

Even though my chest puffs up a little when I hear those words, deep inside, I feel a little sick.   I’m no hero.

That’s what one veteran told me recently.   He couldn’t look me in the eye.   In fact, he couldn’t look anyone in the eye.  Have you felt that way?   Sometimes it’s hard to put into words what’s eating away at us.  What if we can’t look at our spouse?  Our family.  Our kids.  Our friends.  What if they see how we really are on the inside?  Hurting.  Helpless to make it stop.  Ashamed.  Guilty.  So guilty.  Guilty that we let our buddy go first, and he didn’t come home.   Guilty that we tried to quiet the loneliness with the wrong thing.  What if they could see?   What if they could see what we can’t forget?  What we can’t undo?   

I’m sorry that you’re hurting.   Thank you for your willingness to serve.  Thank you for going to war so others didn’t have to.  Welcome home.   The world doesn’t look the same anymore, does it?   The people we loved when we left might not look the same.  We might not feel the same way.   Things are just different now.  So what can we do?  The battlefield has  followed us home.  It has to have an end, a boundary.  What can we do to move on?   

In my search for an answer, I was led to these words that Jesus spoke in the Bible, recorded in the Book of Matthew, and stopped to take a deeper look at what they meant.

Whats Bible FinalHere’s what I found:
Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”  Matthew 11:28-30

As I read this passage, I can picture Jesus kneeling down, with his arms on a soldier’s shoulder.  He’s helping him drop the heavy rucksack, take off all the gear, and finally set down his helmet and fill his canteen with cool water. Who is Jesus  Then he listens as the soldier tells the stories, never flinching, never judging.  When the stories finish, they walk out shoulder to shoulder, stronger together.   

Come.  The invitation is there for us to lay our burdens down.  There’s nothing we can bring God that will surprise Him or shake Him.  We can lay down our heavy, burdened hearts, our experiences, our struggles.  We can tell Him what happened.  We can tell Him how we feel about it.  “…and I will give you rest.”.   Rest.  When was the last time someone offered us rest?   

Take.  What does it mean to take up His yoke?   It means we can trust Him.  We can surrender this load that we are carrying.  We don’t have to carry it alone.  Even if nobody we know understands, He will.  We matter to Him, each of us does.  Let Him show us the way through this.  Let Him lead us to a better place.  When we ‘take up His yoke’, we choose to listen to Him and to obey His commands.  Unlike other commands we may have heard, His commands are always good and true, and have our best in mind.

Learn.   This is where we finally find peace.  Once we have trusted Him with our burdens, once we realize He hasn’t bailed on us, gotten frustrated with us, or been disappointed in us, we can relax.  Now we can learn from Him and begin to walk forward to life after our experiences.  We can finally look up and walk towards the horizon.  This is where healing happens.   He will redeem and restore the losses, the betrayals, the mistakes, the broken hearts, and the empty, lonely places.  He will teach us His promises and the life he has planned for us.  Finally, we can have Peace.

We’re ready to listen if you’re ready to talk.   We won’t judge you.  We won’t be scared off by what you share.  We’ve all walked a different road, served in our own battlefields, but each of us have found hope in a brighter future.  You can, too.  We may not have been where you have been, or seen what you have seen, but we can still share the load and walk the road together for awhile.  You are not alone, and you matter to us here.

4 thoughts on “Battlefield without Boundaries.

  1. New to this ,Thank you for this site -Bless all brave men &woman leaving there homes to serve i pray for thy gods will be done in our lives.God bless & Protect u n your family .Lately been really challenged with fears in what is going on all over the world.and crying til still -it really effects me here others struggles n pain n all i can say. R do is pray still blieve God is answer. any prob we have than again having that person to connect listening.I hope someone can relate im having trouble excepting this in my life?
    when i went to a christian site as i do to gain insite n learn from others peopl i use to love seeing there devotional texts made my day. now those r gone n hate mocking ly.slurs/porn all over no hope of it being reported n taken off.. just awful evil pokes his ugly head i was like did i come to my usual ? I tryd to not pay attention just love post from god filled people n then got out site last few days been deleting. Ugly hateful things sent to me cause i dared say amen r mention.jesus son of God-I am in no way trying r ever tried being holier than though I do however believe in my creator God almighty n Jesus son of God That is scary being challenged my privacy n faith.I never used block before- Is this the start of the end for our religions the spiritual war i heard bout,& never thought i be in. I have prayed n that is the only way i over come this fear hr by hr .I hope i havent rantted not my intent i dont know what up against n the unknown is crazy scary..I try talk to my adult children bout. They say dont go there yes but that dont take reality its around me that close.I dont go church still firm in my faith even when i was running amuc-Never had dealt with this.its real.but unknown God bless you for listening..


    1. Hi Jackie, Thanks for sharing your fears. I love that you are praying and looking to God for answers. We do live in a broken world, so we all have to ward off the negativity. The Bible promises that His perfect love will drive out fear, though. (1 John 4:16) Let’s ask Him to make that love perfect and very real for you. – Christina


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