Shelter in a Storm

Sometimes when we face a brutal hurt or betrayal, we look for comfort in ways that seem to dull the pain or rebuild our self-worth. That path is a dark one. I found myself on that path once, looking for ways to make the hurting stop. I looked up from the darkness one night, just long enough to realize I didn’t want it. The current that I was riding on wasn’t carrying me to safety. I didn’t feel better about myself, I felt worse.

I gained a renewed strength that night, a strength that wasn’t mine, that gave me the courage to stand up and walk out. Things got really quiet for awhile. I had to figure out who to trust, who I was, and where I was going. Before I even realized it was Him, God gave me shelter during that time. He rescued me that night and cared for me during a time when I couldn’t take very good care of myself. He has walked with me out of that darkness, at my pace, and gradually into the life He has planned for me. We’re still walking. He didn’t say “Not again…” or “How many times am I going to have to bail you out?” He just stood by, ready and waiting for my next step.

When we cry out to Him and let Him help us out of the pits we fall into, we are His. He doesn’t condemn us for our mistakes. Don’t give up if you’ve let yourself or your family down, or even if you feel you’ve failed God. God’s desire is to take us from where we are to where He wants us to be. You can rest in His shelter.

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Apr 18 - Psalm 34-22 FINAL

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