Laughter in the Storm

“I had heard enough to believe that God is bigger than our struggles.  I felt the fight rise in me as this doctor’s attitude grew worse.  I knew that I needed a big God to handle a big situation.” – excerpt from Lara’s Story

Has life ever thrown you a curve ball?   Facing an uncertain future can be troubling at best. When storms come, when we get bad news or take a hit,  we can get thrown into a tailspin.  When that happens, it’s not easy to see the road ahead.  Life-as-we-know-it gets disrupted by illness, death, divorce, job loss, or some other crisis in our lives.  Normal becomes a moving target.  We don’t always know what tomorrow will bring…and that’s okay.   There were days in the most heartbreaking moments of divorce, that I would look up and see God’s hand at work. There were times I smiled quietly to myself, and times that I stood still in awe. I watched impossible situations dissolve.  It’s sometimes only when we are in crisis, when the rest of the world is spinning around us, that we can focus closely enough on God to be able to see Him clearly.  It’s when we are in the eye of the storm.  With witnessing His power in our own lives comes an  unshakable confidence.  We have nothing to fear.   If you’re in a crisis now, He can help you.

Journal Pics (4)We wait in hope for the Lord; he is our help and our shield. – Psalm 33:20

Today’s promise reminds us that when we put our hope and trust in God, and in His promise of eternal life,  we can have peace in our hearts.  We can sleep well at night, even when we suffer a tremendous blow and face an uncertain future.  God has His own great purposes to accomplish with us in mind, and we can rest in the security of knowing that He has our back.   He protects us for His purposes, so we can go forward into the battle of life with confidence.  We don’t have to worry about what tomorrow will bring.   He is bigger than anything life can throw at us, and He is able to walk us through it.  With peace in our hearts comes joy, and we can find ourselves happy, even laughing, in the eye of the storm.  It’s the oddest thing, really, but incredibly encouraging to find hope in the midst of turmoil or devastating loss.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. – John 3:16

If this is new to you, feel free to reach out to us and tell us your story.  You are not alone. 

You can DOWNLOAD and PRINT today’s journal page HERE.

Psalm 33-20

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 What is it you’re facing?  Nobody goes into battle alone.  We can stand with you.  Let us know in the comments below how we can pray for you, or by submitting your story.  

He will fight for you.

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