Taming Negative Thoughts

The instructions of the Lord are perfect, reviving the soul.
The decrees of the Lord are trustworthy, making wise the simple.
The commandments of the Lord are right, bringing joy to the heart.
The commands of the Lord are clear, giving insight for living. – Psalm 19:7-8

Today’s Promise reminds us that when we read The Bible, we’re going to feel better, get smarter, and understand more.   Our emotions can whisper lies to us, and sometimes a Codependantperson or a place stirs up emotions that trigger negative thoughts.  Somebody shared the photo to the right with me a couple of weeks ago.   I was really glad they did.  It helped me realize that when we sense the emotions on the right side, they can be warnings to us, red flags.  That’s especially true if we find that they drown out the messages from the left side.  The more time we can find to read a little of the Bible, and spend quiet time soaking in good words found there, the more we will be able to see the truth about ourselves.   That gives us some ammunition to throw back at the lies that our emotions come up with.   

Remember, when we are healing from a loss or going through something really hard, all kinds of emotions come in to play.   Remember that those emotions are just that…feelings.  They can’t lead us anywhere or do us any harm.  tetherballEmotions are tethered, so to speak, like a ball to a pole in a tetherball game.  They can fly all around and get us all tangled up, but they can’t go anywhere. Their momentum will die out. Eventually they have to fall in line with our decision to heal and move forward, our decision to listen to God’s voice.   When we start to hear the messages on the right, we can take some time to remember the Psalm above, open our Bible, and ask, “Lord, help me to hear only your voice today and remind me who I am to you.” 

“Lately I’ve been struggling with some health issues, some loneliness, disappointment, stress, body image issues and exhaustion. That can really mess with your head space. I’ve found myself really wallowing in it and not handling it like I know I should.” – excerpt from Carly’s Story

Have you found ways to battle negative emotions with and keep God’s truth in front of you each day?  Will you share them with us?  Knowing how to fight against powerful emotions is so helpful, and your story can bring hope to someone today.

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Download and Print today’s journal page  HERE.

Psalm 19-7

What is it you’re facing?  Nobody goes into battle alone.  We can stand with you.  Let us know in the comments below how we can pray for you, or by submitting your story.   He will fight for you.


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