K’Anne’s Story

Originally posted on K'Anne Meinel:
DO YOU BELIEVE IN PRESENT DAY MIRACLES? I’m not talking about the miracle of a new day or the miracle of new born baby. I’m talking about KNOWING or actually EXPERIENCING one first hand. A woman goes to the doctor on a Wednesday in April of 2001 experiencing breathing…

Discovering Life

“I remember looking around that night at a particularly rough scene and whispering, “This isn’t who I am.”   – excerpt from Chris’s Story. Do you yearn for more?  For something better?   Do you long to be better?   New Year’s resolutions were born of thoughts like this.   My quest for something better started the night … More Discovering Life

Finding Freedom

“Everything that the world tells us should have given me life was stripped away. Even my personal freedom, what the American dream is built off of, was gone. It was just me and God. It was almost like the ultimate test to see if following the Lord is worth it. IT IS. If I could … More Finding Freedom

Jami’s Story

Originally posted on Sober Grace:
There is a paradox in Alcoholics Anonymous that tells us that we must “surrender to win.” When I first entered AA, I thought that it seemed kind of crazy that I would have to surrender, or give up, in order to get better. Wasn’t that was I was already doing?…

Feeling Defeated?

“I just felt hopeless, with so much remorse, I really thought the right thing to do, the right answer, would be to die.” – excerpt from Family Restored, one woman’s story. What if we decide to trust God and start to follow Jesus, but fail?  What if we fall on the face of our good … More Feeling Defeated?

More from Mar’s Story

It’s a treat to share Mar’s recovery journey out of a co-dependant, alcoholic, abusive relationship into freedom.   There’s hope for all of us, where ever we find ourselves today. Read on… Stories.  Hope.  Strength.  www.hopshack.org 30 days ago I started this blog and have written everyday since. I am blown away from the support … More More from Mar’s Story

Fighting Fear?

I moved out of our home and into an apartment, just my daughter and I.  I didn’t yet have a job, or a plan forward.  I had a couple of months worth of temporary support that would soon be used up.  I knew we could get on our feet, but not how it would happen.   Life … More Fighting Fear?