Super Powers

“It wasn’t my strength that helped me stand up.  It wasn’t my strength that walked me out of there.  It was His.”   – excerpt from Hope?  Nope.  All out of That.

Philippians 4-13

Have you ever looked at old  majestic oak trees that have been standing for over 100 years?  When I was serving in the Army in Virginia, I had the opportunity to visit some old historic plantation homes.  The driveways were bordered with those giant oaks.  The trunks are so thick and sturdy.  The branches stretch wide and withstand the strong winds.   What we aren’t able to see is the massive complex root system that is below the ground.    The roots stretch as wide as the branches above and keep the trunk stable and strong.   The tree is nourished from it’s extensive roots that draw out the hidden resources of water and minerals in the ground.  Regardless of how strong the trunk is, without that root system in place, just standing on their own, those trees would have toppled over long ago.

The most important part of those trees is the part we can’t see….the hidden resources that keep it so strong.    We have those, too.   Hidden strengths and understanding that help us withstand the storms and find happiness despite the trials we face.   If we have decided to follow Jesus, we have been grafted into His massive root system of providence, power, and promises.   Imagine having God’s power  within you when you stand before the judge.  Imagine having God’s power within you  when you stare down the bottle.  Imagine having God’s power within in you when you take one more insult, one more hit, one more betrayal from your loved ones.   Super powers to withstand the storms.   Super strength to love someone that doesn’t love you back.  Super resistance when desires seem relentless.  Super courage when your heart is aching.

Today’s promise tells us that we do have that power.   We do have that strength.   Who is JesusWe will withstand the storm.  The super powers will be there when we need them.  If we look to Jesus when the storm comes, He will supply us, strengthen us, and give us everything we need to withstand anything that life throws at us.   We don’t have to be strong enough.   His strength.  His power.  His courage.  Free to ask for when needed.   Go ahead…try it.  Find your super powers.

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 What is it you’re facing?  Nobody goes into battle alone.  We can stand with you.  Let us know in the comments below how we can pray for you, or by submitting your story.  

He will fight for you.

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